Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yup, still doing this.

didn’t exercise today again and tried to justify it by saying I walked all over Wal-Mart multiple times.  But I’m calling bullshit on myself!  Just because I walked a great deal throughout Wal-Mart does not constitute as exercise, at least not to the degree I want and need.  However, with that being said, instead of completely beating the shit out of myself, I will try instead to learn form this. I also plan to make up for it tomorrow by walking minimally 6 laps which I think is the equivalent to about at least 2 miles.  Yup, my ass will hurt soon!
Oh, and the sleeping pill binge hit again last night.  I was going to have just a bite of my leftover hummus, but then the Styrofoam lid split.  In my insane state of mind, this meant that I had to eat all of it suddenly as I thought it would spoil. Yeah, I can do mental gymnastics to justify eating food, especially while on Ambien, but luckily I am switching back to Tylenol PM tonight.
Brunch: I had one of the more amazing brunch ever that consisted of one potato pancake, one strip of bacon, Paula Dean’s cheese grits (the recipe calls for a whole stick of butter), and a biscuit, coffee, and a mimosa.  I still thoroughly enjoyed eating this meal, but I just portioned it out.  Instead of eating the 5 potato pancakes I wanted, I ate one (they were cooked in bacon grease, and damn it they were amazing!)  Thank you Jeannie; it was a really good meal!

Dinner:  In honor of one of my comedy gods, Ricky Gervais, I tried to make a chicken dish I had eaten at a British pub, but a healthier version.  It was a chicken dish that was sautéed in a little bit of oil, with onions and apples in a reduction of apple cider and apple vinegar.  Ohh, this will now become a staple at my house.  I paired it with whole wheat pasta and steamed broccoli and carrots.

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