Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today Was A Great Day!

 Well thus far today has gone quite well.  It is crazy raining right now, but I still wanted to exercise so I did about a million laps through my living room, dining room, and kitchen.  In reality, it was about 2.5 miles according to my pedometer.   I also did lots of reps with my 5 Lbs weights to try and tone my arms, but I don’t want Gollum arms like Madonna.  (Yeah, I am obsessed with 30 Rock). 

Also, I know I have been eating an excessive amount of carrots and I just hope I don’t turn orange like Snookie due to beta carotene.  But it’s a good way of getting my veggies in that I truly love!  
Well late night snacks last night were appeased due to the shopping trip to the Indian Grocery store.  I ate about 6 cookies that were similar to butter cookies, except they also had almond and pistachio in them.  I also had about 1/2 of my favorite foreign candy bar, or at least my favorite English candy bar, Crunchie.  Yes, I have favorite international candies and I realize that is just sad, but oh well.  This is due my Mom taking me to the Gourmet Shop and Fresh Market as a child and World Market coming into my life as an adult.  Ahh, the joys of having more choices than Hershey’s. 
Breakfast:  Oatmeal that I sweetened with a dash of sugar and a quarter cup of sliced strawberries.  I figured the strawberries would be a good way to naturally sweeten the oatmeal and get in my fruits.  I also had coffee with a splash of Amaretto creamer and a little bit of honey (a wonderful suggestion from a dear friend).

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Apple Cranberry Chicken. For whatever reason, it really seemed like there was a lot less than usual in this one.  So to compensate, I had a bountiful plate of steamed carrots.

Dinner:  Yes I realize like this looks like a lot, and it is.  However, it originally was far more. I had the server bring over a to-go box as soon as the food came so I could only eat half of the chicken(there were originally two breasts) and half of the rice that I will eat for lunch tomorrow.  But I did thoroughly enjoy the Greek salad, rice and grilled chicken tonight, but also had a great time with the company I was with!

Dessert:  I did have dessert at the restaurant which consisted of phyllo dough wrapped in cashews.  I am drooling a bit on my keyboard as I am typing this!

Snacks:  Finished my other half of my Crunchie bar from the night before,3 more of the butter like cookies with pistachio and a 100 calorie thing of popcorn.  This is another way I am trying to address my cravings; to give into them somewhat but not go too crazy.  That’s why I only ate half of that candy bar yesterday and half today.  Sadly it used to be more like 2 in one day sometimes.  It’s all about baby steps right now to try and make real, permanent changes!

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