Monday, January 23, 2012

A Sucky Sunday

I also did have a late night snack of the remainder of the previous dinner that I originally had planned for lunch.  Dear lord it was delicious!
I didn’t exercise at all either.  No excuses as to why.
I woke up rather late, so I didn’t eat breakfast which was one of the many mistakes that happened yesterday.  Although some may think the weigh –in and 2 pound weight gain caused depression, it really didn’t.  I know I totally screwed up and don’t want it to happen again. 
Last night, I had a crappy night and totally took it out on food.  Although it was not as bad as last week and I actually stopped myself from eating midnight snacks.  So some progress, although it will be great when I don’t have these crazy food moments, or at least less.
I also discovered that I really need to have some sort of dessert on hand for most nights.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about having really rich, decadent pastries on hand.  More like low-fat, low-calorie banana bread (and only having a slice) or a low-calorie baked apple dessert I found.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Apple Cranberry Chicken and steamed carrots.

Snack: Steamed carrots and Mighty Leaf Chai Tea.  Instead of adding the heavy whipping cream I desperately wanted to the tea, I used fat-free milk as creamer.  I also used a small amount of honey to sweeten my tea.

Dinner:  Two plates of taco salad and rice.  Upside, I cooked as much onions, green peppers, and tomatoes in with the lean ground beef; good way to add more veggies and stretch my dollar!  The other good part about this taco salad compared to how I used to prepare them is that there was far more lettuce and tomatoes than anything else and I only used one taco shell as opposed to two or three.

Dessert:  Not a proud moment, but ate a king size Baby Ruth and a slice of cake with milk. Yeah, as I type this and see that picture, I totally want to go to there again!

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