Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Third Day

 I did sleeping pill food eating again.  I have vague memories that involve tortilla chips, but don’t really remember anything else. I will look forward when I can go back to non-prescription sleep aids that don't have bizare side effects.

So while talking with my husband yesterday, I realized one of the reasons that losing weight is so ridiculously tough; I was looking at the process of losing weight, getting in shape, and food in general the completely wrong way.  Food is not the enemy, but it also isn’t my savior either.  I don’t need to binge eat every time I’m sad, mad, happy, or the faucet drips.  My mother was right and god I hate it when she’s right and I’ve been fighting against it; everything in moderation.  There is nothing wrong with chocolate.  There is however something wrong with eating so much home-made chocolate mousse that you develop a new ass cheek. 
I enjoyed walking today, especially as I didn’t yesterday due to weather.  Since my ipod is now fixed, I can and did add new music.  It became a really weird mix of Johnny Cash, Strongarm, Kayne West, U2, Iron Maiden, Adele, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Little Richard to name a few.   Good music just makes you want to be more active. I also added doing my own version of a stair-stepper by stepping up and down off the step from my porch.  My neighbors probably think I am insane, but I doubt that is anything new.  Each day I add doing a few more sit-ups and curls and such with my weights.  I do want good looking, non-flabby arms as I am about to go get some more tattoos.
Another point to this whole experience is to see if I can do this without joining a gym, weight loss club, or buying new exercise equipment.  Although I will be getting another Pedometer as my last one broke, possibly do to nonuse. 

Breakfast: Wanted to mix it up a bit, so I made oatmeal with golden raisins and a dash of brown sugar.  Oh, I think I will add cinnamon tomorrow!  And as always, I had coffee.

Lunch: Healthy choice chicken parmesan with applesauce and homemade low-calorie banana bread.

Dinner:  Leftovers from last night which was slow cooked garlic lemon chicken with brown rice, and steamed broccoli and carrots.  Damn I loved steamed vegetables!!!

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