Saturday, January 28, 2012

So Not Looking Forward To Weigh-In Tomorrow

Well I attempted to be good today (notice attempted).  I did my exercises today, except for walking (lifting weights and doing sit-ups), I ate a sensible breakfast, ate a slightly larger lunch to try to overcome temptation of the wedding buffet.   The wedding was a little rough for me and I would love to say that’s why I ate far more food than I intended, but I just don’t have self-control when it comes to a buffet of food, at least yet.  I know that I can’t buy Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken (I still have one left from a shopping trip a couple of weeks ago) as there is no telling how many I will eat.  I now know that I need a better sort of game plan in regards to dealing with a buffet.  I think one day I will be strong enough to be normal, but I’m just not quite there yet.  I sort of have to re-program myself as I have been thinking about food in a completely different way for the past 32 years.  
I wrote this previous bit before I had dinner at a friend’s house.  Turns out, I just didn’t have any self-control today at all!  Haven’t had BBQ in a while and this was some of the best BBQ I’ve had in a very long time.  Way to go Bryan! 
I have also come to the sad conclusion I’m starting to sound like a Cathy Comic, which is totally unacceptable.  I am totally ok with being fat, but not ok in any way shape or form in being anything like a “Cathy” kind of person.  Well, I now have another resolution. 
Breakfast:  Oatmeal that is sweetened with blueberries and my usual coffee

Lunch:  I actually didn’t eat all of this by a long shot.  I only ate about ¾ of both my Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken Primavera and my broccoli.  I also didn’t eat my clementine that’s in the picture.

Wedding Food: This was the beginning of the end of today!  I wanted to try and eat a little extra lunch so I wouldn’t eat the whole buffet.  Sadly, this didn’t happen.  Don’t have pictures, but will be honest about everything, so here goes.  A little butter, cheese, and bacon on mashed potatoes that was probably about a standard size you would get as a side item at a steak house.  4 Swedish meatballs and 4 cocktail weenies, 1 spring roll, 3 little bits of sesame chicken, about 2 tablespoons worth of hummus and celery and carrots, and 4 cubes of cheese.  I only had one piece of wedding cake (incidentally, it was some of the best wedding cake I have had ever!)  I did drink water, which really makes up for jack shit.

Dinner:  Serious, I was just out of control today, but it was so good.  I had vinegar based BBQ, with 2 rolls (should have only had 1!), corn on the bob, baked beans (I did at least resist the temptation of one of the strips of bacon that had been cooking with it and that was very hard to do), and potatoes with Greek seasoning on them.  I ate everything on that plate except for about half of the potatoes and corn and fullness was the only thing that stopped that.  I also had sweet tea, which I haven’t had in about a month.

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  1. Awesome you're trying, Vera, for real! Here's what I think you should run with next time you're confronted with a buffet situation (take it from someone who has her own gluttony issues). Take the bacon next time and leave the potatoes. Skip the flour-based foods, the sugar bombs, and the starches. Indulge in the butter, the veggies no matter how they're cooked, and start it off with as many of those veggies as you can cram on your plate (while still leaving room for the meat). Skip the fruit unless you're eating it alone on an empty stomach (i.e. for breakfast) as otherwise it will cause indigestion.
    I know how the wedding thing goes, and I love them BECAUSE of the free food and booze. I have little willpower in the face of that. My biggest source of willpower is my having gone gluten-free almost three years ago, but the last wedding I went to a month ago I consumed the frosting off of possibly five or six pieces of cake. Woof.
    Good luck, and keep paying attention even when you screw up, because we all do.