Monday, January 16, 2012

Super Tired So This Will Be Short

I feel like I am about to fall asleep so this will be as succinct as possible.  I was tired this morning and just really did not feel like exercises, but then I read some response that some people put on my Facebook page that encouraged me to get out there.  So thank you friends!   Because of you, I put down the raspberry dark chocolate M&M’s.  When I did go to walk, I didn’t quite make my original goal of the 6 laps I wanted, but got in 4.

Breakfast: I didn’t really have a breakfast other than a fistful of Raspberry M&M’s and a chai latte that was so yummy.

Lunch:  Leftovers from dinner which consisted of chicken with apples and onions and steamed veggies.

Dinner:  The chili I planned on eating didn’t cook in time, so I instead ate a couple of slices of pizza with roasted red peppers and banana peppers.  My dad used to sweat profusely when he would eat anything with Heinz vinegar and I constantly made fun of him for that.  We, karma has officially come back to bite me in the ass as now I do this and was sweat all through eating my pizza.  However, a weird vinegar allergy will never keep me from food!

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