Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Actually Getting a Little Better

Well, I didn’t walk again today, which is just ridiculously sad as I actually do enjoy it.  I get to listen to the music I love and by listening to said music, I can also get aggression and anger out over the shenanigans (I just had to ask my hubby how to spell that) that have gone on in the day or week.  So why do I resist it so much? Who knows, however the good news is that I did eat far better AND regular portions and not the copious amounts of food I ate on Tuesday.   I also watched some videos with Judy Greer (love her!) with her on-line show “Reluctantly Healthy” and am really going to try some of the tips, like taking at least 20 minutes to eat your meal and having protein with every meal. Still had that late night craving last night, so I ate a small greek salad with grilled chicken and very little dressing.  If you have feta cheese, you really don’t need much else!

Breakfast:  Honey Nut Cheerios with half of a banana in fat free milk and coffee with Amaretto creamer and a little sugar.  Yeah, no matter what weight I am, I will never use artificial sweeteners.  I can never fully express the full amount of how much I truly hate the taste!

Lunch:  Lean Cuisine(only 1 this time!  PROGRESS!) Apple Cranberry Chicken with a banana.  Trying to get the proper amount of fruit and veggies.

Snacks:  Small bowl of strawberries and a small handful of dark chocolate raspberry M&M’s.

Dinner:  Four bean turkey chili with a little bit of cheese and tortilla chips, because I need a little bit of crunch.

I’m actually a little hungry right now and I think I will make some steamed and seasoned carrots.  I know that’s kind of weird, but I just really love carrots.  Maybe that’s why I married a ginger.

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  1. Hey Vera! just wanted to send some encouragement your way. i lost about 40 pounds a couple years ago, so i identify with your goal & struggle. the hardest part is STARTING, so way to go! you're doing great, girl. as for coffee, i switched from sugar to honey as my sweetener, and now i love the taste of honey in coffee and would never go back. i'm not sure how big of a factor that was in my weight loss, but i sure felt better about dropping some honey in versus a spoonful of sugar.

    keep up the great work!