Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wow, it's the second day

I woke up this morning to rain and had to scrap my idea of walking, at least for now.  I plan to walk later on in the day and instead start to continue studying for a test that I’ve been dreading, the Praxis.  In between that though making a slow cooker garlic lemon chicken breast, so hopefully my house will smell fantastic.
Some things I’ve learned just from the first day: 
First, ALWAYS EAT BOTH BREAKFAST AND LUNCH!!  I ate a very late breakfast yesterday (around 12 if memory serves) and I knew that I would be eating dinner around 5:30, 6:00.  So I decided to go without lunch and just have multiple, fairly healthy snacks.  While that may work for some, it doesn’t for this broad!  I do need both, even if it’s small meals.  One, eating three meals a days is what I am supposed to be doing and two, I will just gorge, which is exactly what ended up happening. I at dinner at around 4:30, which was just way to early.  Inadvertently set myself up for failure, but it’s about learning from this and changing it for next time.
Second, I need to have healthier foods on hand for when I take Ambien.  I then went on another Ambien-induced food binge later that night and here is what I remember eating:  what was left of the taco fixings (which I planned on eating for lunch today), lots of Hersey Kisses from Christmas, Lance crackers, and possible others.  I need to have healthy alternatives that are already ready for me, like hummus with carrots and celery.  UMMMMM hummus!
Although all of this is hard and a bit cringe worthy to admit, it is all the truth and that is one of the points of this whole blog.  I will never reach my goal if I am not honest about the thing I lie about the most, food and how much I REALLY eat!
Food: Another sad revelation that I am trying to start today is actually measuring out my food, rather than just dumping it into a bowl.  I don’t think I will always have to do this, but in the beginning, absolutely.  I don’t think I had any idea on some things how much I was really eating.   
 Breakfast: coffee and honey nut Cheerios.  I still refuse to use any artificial sweetener as I hate the way it tastes, but I am cutting down on the sugar in my coffee by about half.  Baby steps to lower sugar content!

Lunch: Healthy Choice chicken margarieta and all-natural applesauce with the all important cinnamon.  However while I was eating it, all I could think about was Eli Roth in Inglorious Bastards saying his fake Italian last name over and over again.  It made me smile.


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