Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The First Day

So I woke up this morning think, crap, did I really just post a picture of my weight on-line or was it all a dream?  In a weird way, I am very thankful it wasn’t which may be hard for some to understand so let me try explaining.  As much as I’d love to say that I set goals and regularly reach them, I don’t; it sadly quite rare.  But if I have a dead-line that is put forth by someone else, I almost always met it on time.  I recently graduated from college with an undergraduate degree and did quite well in school, because I had goals set up by professors or the university itself.  So this is my bizarre experiment of setting a goal that anyone and everyone can see and being forced to hold myself accountable.
I began with a walk near my park today when I awoke and walked the full circumference of the park 3 times.  I genuinely do not understand how people can go for a walk/run without loud music!  This week’s soundtrack of exercise will be set to The Dresden Dolls Yes, Virginia, an amazing album that everyone should listen to!  I then came home and worked with weights and did some sit ups, trying to slowly train my flab to tighten up.  Yeah, this is going to be a long road!
Yeah I grabbed the first socks out of my drawer and was delighted to see which ones the were.  I suddenly don't believe in coincidences now!

Food for the day: I ate a lovely really late breakfast of a small bowl honey nut cheerios with fat free milk and a cup of coffee. Because I ate a really late breakfast, I decided to eat a larger snack: a couple of diced up carrots, a small amount of crackers and all natural applesauce with a dash of cinnamon (I truly think cinnamon makes almost everything better!)  Dinner consisted of leftovers from last night and since I didn’t have lunch, I did eat a little more than I should have.   I had rice cooked with salsa, fresh cut onions and peppers and a taco salad.  I also have had a large Christmas cookie for dessert.  It’s all about being honest folks.  I’m not proud of the cookie, however there is no point in lying; what good would that do? I also have been drinking my weight in water.

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