Friday, January 27, 2012

I Actually Feel Like I'm Starting To Change, But In A Good Way

So yesterday was successful in a myriad of ways! I finally decided give exercise the attention it needs.  I worked out for about 1 and 15 minutes.   I realize once I have a job, I won’t be able to devout that much time to it, but I’m a creative broad and will figure something out!  I walked in the park near my house for about 1 hour or 3 miles.  Yup, lots of loud music that I lip sync to as I go.  I hope that someone was entertained by my dorkiness of doing this!  I then got back to my house and did the stair step thing on the steps of my porch.  And my neighbors where home and I’m sure thinking, “What in the hell is she doing?” And while my lunch was heating up, did 50 reps of 3 different exercises with weights for my arms; sadly I didn’t get cab fare after I was finished though. Yeah, still obsessed with South Park too.
I also have tried to implement new tricks to help with this whole crazy process of being healthier and smarter about eating.  I used to scarf down food in record time and consumption.  However now, I am slowing down; a suggestion I have heard from a multitude of sources.  I set a goal of stretching eating lunch into 20 minutes.  This may sound easy and maybe for some, but not more me!  I probably used to take around 7 minutes, if that.  Well yesterday I didn’t quite reach my goal of eating in 20 minutes, but stretched it to 17 minutes a I’m quite happy about that.  Another weird trick that has helped me:  Using a salad fork rather than a dinner fork or tea spoon, rather than a soup spoon.  Sounds silly but it makes sense.  I used to pile food on to one of those utensils, rather than taking small, slower bites.  Also, since I can’t fit as much food on there, it takes me longer and stretches that meal out.
Still no sleeping pills (YEA!!!!!!!!!).  It’s been 5 nights and I actually feel good.  Seriously never thought this would happen.
I also wanted to say a thank you to those who read my insanity and are kind enough to shoot me an e-mail.  Sounds cheesy but I don’t care; you guys have kept me going on a couple of days were I wanted to give up.  And yes, give up already when it’s only been less than a month, but there have been those moments.  So thank you lovelies! 
Breakfast: Oatmeal with a lot of blueberries and coffee made the usual way.  There are so many blueberries because I used that as a way to not only get in some fruit, but also to sweeten my oatmeal. Regarding why it looks so messy and why there isn’t that much: my oatmeal kind of had a lava-like explosion in the microwave. 

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Peanut Chicken (one of my favorites!!!) with what was left of the green beans to get a little more veggies, and my crazy inadvertent applesauce.  I actually spooned out WAY too much, so I only ate half of the applesauce for lunch.

Dinner:  Again, like I have said since I started this, I refuse to give up everything I love to lose weight and get healthier, but I will cut back and try to do things in moderation. I was sick of leftovers, and I wanted a cheeseburger!  But, I got lettuce, which I normally never got on a burger and didn’t get fries or an order of hushpuppies that I so desperately wanted.  Instead, I made a bowl full of steamed broccoli and had the rest of my applesauce from lunch as side dishes.  I did have 2 hushpuppies from my husband’s order (1 is pictured).

Snacks that went until late in the night:  A bowl of strawberries, 1 bowl of 100 hundred calorie popcorn, and the Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken did make a re-appearance last night.  At least this time it was only one.  I also have resolved to not buy any more of those as sadly I cannot be trusted with them, at least not yet.


  1. i also order healthy and then steal from my husband's plate. :) and i also had to put moratoriums on food i cannot be trusted around. the worst ones for me? pistachio nuts & oriental snack mix. zero self control!

  2. I am super proud of you!!! It takes a lot of courage to say I want to change, and then gumption to actually make the changes. I also think you're doing it in a really healthy way. I read once that by making small changes as in 2 degree changes, those are the easiest to adjust to and also stick easier because they were not a black and white change. The guy who wrote about making the 2 degree changes, went from 525 lbs to 325 by choosing to have one dessert instead of three every day over a two year period......

    Again, super proud of you! XXOO