Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Beginning

After watching Julie and Julia for the umpteen time, it always leaves me feeling the same.  I always feel like I want to accomplish a goal that would take me a year, but I always feel like I am some lazy ass who would not be able to stick to it long enough to meet even a quarter of  my goal.  This is why I will be making this as painfully public and honest as possible.  My goal is like many, to lose weight.   When I started student teaching 4 months ago, I weighed approximately 250 pounds.  Yeah, that hurts to even type!  However through student teaching, eating better, running around the classroom like a madwoman, and drinking almost exclusively water, my weight plummeted to about 224.  I have however gained some back during the holiday season and to be honest, that chocolate mousse, macarons, ham, and croissants were totally worth the10 pounds of blubber that have resurfaced.  I believe that there is a real simple way of losing weight that apparently everyone has forgotten about.  It’s just watching what you eat and exercising.  I managed to lose 25 pounds in 4 months by doing just that.  It’s not about the fad diets; it’s just about putting in the work and right now is just time for me to get me shit together.  I don’t want to lose the weight just to look better (although that is certainly part of it!), but also my body felt so much better while I was student teaching due to the weight loss.  I also know that I have a family history of type 2 diabetes and I really want to try and break the cycle of this. 
The Rules: So this is how I propose to do this.  As with everything in my life, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it big. I plan to start weighing every Sunday morning, which I will photograph and post.  I also plan to post weekly pictures of me, slimming down the healthy way.  I will also be writing about what I have for each meal and photographing it as well and post these daily.
Kevan and I have dreamed of going through Europe for some time, and when this adventure is over, I will be able to fit into some Parisian fashions damn it and I will totally enjoy all of my favorite French pastries, just in moderation!


  1. Vera, we are pulling for you! My last semester of school I dropped 50 pounds, I was doing it all, exercise and balancing my eating but I was concerned why that much weight had dropped in a such short time. Turns out it was diabetes, I had to be hospitalized for a bad ear infection to even find out. So now that I'm getting it under control and have completely changed the way I eat, meaning carbs are my personal demon, I'm having trouble loosing again. It's so bizarre. But I'm right there with you! I look forward to following your progress!!

  2. heck yeah, girl! let's do this thing!

  3. Good luck girlie - you'll do awesome. For me, Weight Watchers really worked, but to be honest, it's basically the same thing as what you're proposing to do. I mention that because it actually worked for me and If you 're determined like you seem to be, it'll work for you.

    I'll be cheering you on!!!