Monday, February 13, 2012

Vera 1, Treadmill 0

Vera 1, Treadmill 0. Booyakasha! Although the treadmill may claim it’s victory against what I foresee as very wobbly ligaments tomorrow.  But I’m quite proud today.  I walked 2.3 miles and burned 300 calories.  I also did this on a much steeper incline than I usually do when I walk in the park.  I then increased how many sit-ups and reps I did with my weights to 100.  Again, I realize this is going to be a slow process and I think it should be.  It took me a while to put this massive amount of weight on, so rightfully so it will take a while to take it off.  And unfortunately I know even longer to take off than put on, but this is why I want to keep realistic goals.  For some crazy reason, I’m really not in the mood to self-sabotage. 
Oh, I did eat some of my husband’s chocolate Indian biscuits last night.  It’s sad, but he really should know better than to leave forms of chocolate around for me, especially late at night.  Nothing good will come of that! 
I wanted to eat pretty well today, as I knew that tomorrow’s dinner will be slightly calorie laden, but not choosing the typical cuisine of Italian or French for the stupidest holiday there is (where would be the fun in being traditional?)
Breakfast: Plain Cheerios in skim milk and coffee

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey Breast with mashed potatoes and green beans

Dinner: Oven roasted chicken 6 inch sub on nine grain honey wheat with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green peppers, and banana peppers. I cut my sub in half to kind of make myself think that I was eating a foot long (this was a very common practice not that long ago.)  I accompanied this with steamed carrots and green beans.

Dessert: Although the recipe is for low-calorie baked apples, it really is just apple sauce, but a much yummier version. Shit, I said yummier.  I hate that word now because of Rachel Ray!

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