Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today I Claim A Small, Yet Weird Victory

Oh before I forget, I have a confession.  Sadly, I cannot be trusted when it comes to Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, even when I bought them for my husband as a Valentine ’s Day gift.  I had bought him a 6-pack of the Reese’s Valentine’s hearts on Thursday and by the end of the night I had somewhat gutted that bag (I ate 2 out of the 6 that night.)  I gave the remaining 4 to him the following day as clearly I just cannot be trusted with the deliciousness of peanut butter and chocolate.
The victory that I claim today is two-fold.  First, I had lunch with a dear friend for her birthday and I ordered a far less calorie laden item than I usually get.  Also, this particular restaurant had the most amazing pineapple martini and I didn’t order it (and dear lord, I wanted to!).  The second victory would be that I didn’t get the caramel cupcake that I really wanted for dessert.  I instead got a nut and coconut bar (It actually is kind of weird that this aren’t horrible for you as it is one of the most delicious moderately healthy items I have ever had.)
Since I was meeting a friend for lunch, I didn’t walk, but did all of the usual working out in my house and actually worked out for about 1 hour.  I felt pretty good about that being that it’s a Saturday.  The hubby and I looked for a decent, yet not insanely expensive treadmill.  I know that he wants to exercise too and this would also work well for me when the weather is bad.   I think we both wanted to wait on this until we both knew we were ready to do this, as we didn’t want the treadmill to become, as one friend put it, “a coat hanger.” 
Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins and coffee

Lunch: Garlic chicken with load of veggies and brown rice.  There was actually originally another mound of brown rice, but I took it off.  I also had a fortune cookie, which my smart ass friend lovingly told me today, “Just eat the damn cookie!”  Love you Jeannie!

Dinner: It looks like a lot of food and it was, however I didn’t eat all of it.  I ate a little less than 2/3, but mainly ate the beef and teriyaki chicken, rather than the rice.  The danger for me with eating Chinese though, at least sometimes, is that I will just keep shoveling it in, even when I know I really should stop (especially when I had eaten 2/3 of that plate.).  So I came up with a weird and sad way of doing this.  I poured this gross form of mayo (I can never fully express the disdain and near vomiting that mayo causes me) all over the remainder of my food.  I knew that if I just left it in front of me, I would just keep eating.  Because I had never been to this place before, I had no idea how large the portions were.  Next time, the hubby and I will just split one of those plates and order a side salad or maybe edamame.

Dessert:  Half a Kind Fruit and Nut Almond and Coconut bar.  It really is like crack!

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