Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, the muscles are sore!

So I found out that, yes Virginia, you can work out too much.  Although I may one day be able to work out for 2 hours and be ok, I’m just not there yet by a long shot.  Not to say that I think or will give up when I tired or it gets a little tough, but I do believe that I need to work up, at least a little, to the craziness I was doing.  I also think that if I try to fit in too much too soon, that I will give up.  And while I realize that there are and will be struggles, I don’t want to be stupid enough to knowingly add to them.  So I did not walk today, but I did weights, sit-ups, and some exercise that I saw on (damn this is hard to admit) The Real Housewives of Orange County.  God I’m just not proud of that, but I am a girl who likes her horrible TV.  I would love to be the intellectual that my mother is, but that just won’t happen, at least in some of my TV watching habits.  It is weird that I have a deep love for British comedies and reality television.
I also broke one of my cardinal rules today, which is to eat breakfast. I didn’t eat breakfast cause I woke up later than usual, but I just need to set a schedule for myself.  As you can see, little good comes from when I don’t eat breakfast; I just get hungry and eat crap throughout the day. 
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Pasta Romano with bacon.  Yeah, I really only bought this because it was a lean cuisine with bacon and it really wasn’t the best.  Not awful, but just not that flavorful.  The sauce just lasted like thinned down tomato soup with a couple of chunks of bacon.  I also paired this with applesauce with a ridiculous amount of cinnamon.

Copious Snacks:  Carrots with hummus (started out good), but then it got bad.  A small bowl of chocolate chips, a small bag of potato chips, and a 100 calorie bag of popcorn.

Dinner:  I did actually keep this rather light. Lean Cuisine ginger garlic stir fry with chicken.

Drink:  I did enjoy a beer today!  Thanks David and Taryn!

And although I eaten or even made it yet, I will be having a lovely plate of steamed broccoli.   I do have a bit of an obsession with broccoli.  Yeah, my dear husband hates this for obvious reasons.

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