Friday, February 10, 2012

It Was An Exceptional Day!

So, SUPER EXCITING NEWS that has nothing to due with weight loss.  I’ve passed my final Praxis exam, and will be certified to teach soon!!!  The reason why I’m typing this is it has affected many things for today. 
Because of this, I have spent the day fill out a lot of paperwork and applying to lots of places!  Although I truly did want to address my health today, I NEED A JOB and really want one in my field (I love and have missed teaching art so much!). I haven’t applied much as I have been waiting for those scores, but now that I know that I passed, I may get carpal tunnel from all the typing I have done today. So while I do plan on getting a little exercise in today, it certainly will not be the usual as more important things have come to ahead.  I plan on lifting weights, doing sit-ups, stair-stepping, etc.  Basically everything except walking today. 
And although I don’t think I need to celebrate say the fact that we have Mondays, I WILL CELEBRATE this victory tonight.  I refuse to completely change and do firmly believe that you need to celebrate the big things in life and this is certainly one of them!  I have always been someone who doesn’t test well (being dyslexic and not being able to spell well doesn’t help) and I have had test anxiety from the time I was 7.  Back then, when I was in elementary school and had standardized tests, I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep until insane times of the morning.  But for every day I had one of those tests, my parents would bring me breakfast in bed that consisted of a carton of chocolate milk and a bacon and cheese Crossanwich from Burger King (I’ve always detested eggs).  I love my parents for so many reasons, but that really is one! I digress, tonight will be a fun!!!
Insomnia struck last night (or rather this morning) and I didn’t go to sleep until 5:30AM and got up at 10AM, so I didn’t have breakfast.
Lunch: This was planned before I found out I passed the Praxis (I try to only have one bad meal a day).  Yes, the picture shows a mammoth chicken filet sandwich, fries, and a sweet tea.  However it should be noted that I barely ate any of the fries and had only glass of tea(Oh, I wanted more!)

Dinner:  My dinner mainly consisted of cheese and booze.  Originally I planned to have yesterday’s leftovers, but not after this morning’s news.  Yes, this looks like a lot and it was, but not quite as much as it looks like.  I split the smoked Gouda mac and cheese with my husband and only used one of the dressings for my Greek salad.  I also had one double and one single Tom Collins (the best drink out there!)

After Dinner Dinner:  Given that I ate regular dinner early, didn’t eat breakfast, and didn’t eat a lot at lunch, I got hungry.  This is why I try to eat when I really know I should, so things like this won’t happen. I had a Lean Cuisine Chicken Pot Sticker.

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