Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Want To Keep This Up!

Couple of things I’ve noticed.  Sounds stupid and ridiculously obvious, but eating healthy is expensive!  I have been buying far more fresh fruits and veggies to include in the diet than just all processed foods (although I still do love my lean cuisines; one vice at a time!) and my grocery bill certainly has gone up, but when I have done well and mainly cooked for the week, rather than eating out all the time, the budget does sort of balance itself out.  I also try to include good, lean protein into most of my meals, which really does just constitute a lot of chicken, but luckily there really are a million ways to cook chicken in a fairly low-calorie, yet delicious way.
I also did exercise a lot today, however not as much as the other day.  I decided to listen to a full album today while walking instead of listen to my walking mix, that generally are filled with very aggressive songs:  some rap, some punk, and a lot of hardcore music.  I decided to listen to The Dresdon Dolls Yes, Virginia.  I love when you re-discover how amazing an album is, which happened today.  And for this I have to thank Jeannie; your musical taste is unsurpassable and you are one of the few that I always trust implicitly whenever you suggest music. But listening to this crazy-balls amazing album helped push me when I wanted to quit and call my husband to pick me up from the park (which is a whopping 2 blocks away; sadly there have totally been moments when I thought it may come to that!)
I noticed that my upper arms look far too much like something: wobbly turkey necks.  Although I think there has been some change for the positive due to massive exercise, they are still shakier than I they should be.  But, I know they will one day be non-gobblerific!
Also, I am getting enough water in the past couple of days and am parking far away when I run errands.
Breakfast: Oatmeal with golden raisins.  I actually didn’t sweeten it this time with honey and it was still pretty good (although the raisins certainly help with that.) And as always, coffee with honey and I was half awake this morning while I was making it, so added a little too much creamer.

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Ginger stir fry chicken and applesauce with cinnamon. 

Dinner: Rosemary and Garlic Chicken Sauté with brown rice.  I also had a lot veggies (was too tired to make a salad): Steamed broccoli, carrots, and green beans.

Snack/Dessert: Mini Clif Blueberry Crisp Bar (1.0 oz. not the 2.4 oz.)

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  1. I genuinely don't know how prices of fresh produce run in SC. I do remember Earth Fare pretty much being the only "health" food place when I lived there, and it was ridiculously pricey. However, if the Farmer's Market there is anything like they are here, then you should try to hit it up. You might be surprised what kinds of great deals you can find.