Sunday, February 5, 2012

Slightly Late Saturday 2-4-12

Yesterday was quite interesting.  Will go into some more of it later, but for now, here goes.  I had numerous job fairs yesterday where I was driving all over the place.  So, didn’t exercise due to the fact of getting up at 7 just to get ready for interviews. 
Breakfast:  A knew I needed a preposterous amount of caffeine, so my amazing husband was kind enough to get me a Grande Peppermint Mocha with an extra shot of espresso.  Because of the calorie bomb that is that drink, I didn’t have any other form of breakfast.

Lunch:  A grilled chicken breast with green beans.  Ordered water even though I desperately wanted sweet tea.

This is where it starts to get bad
Grazing throughout 12 hours (I was up until 5): 6 Krispy Kreme Donuts.  1 dark chocolate cream filled and 5 glazed and 1 pint of 2%milk.

Pre-dinner dinner:  Yup I actually said that!  1 container of Peanut Noodles (these will also have to be banned from my home. Just not strong enough to resist yet.)

Actual dinner:  Choose 2 off of McAlister’s Deli’s menu.  ½ chicken Caesar salad (I only used half of the dressing) and ½ of a roast beef sandwich on a croissant with cheddar cheese.  I actually only ate half of the roast beef sandwich.  ½ of side order of mac and cheese and finally my husband and I split an sweet tea.

Midnight snack: Bag of 100 calorie popcorn.

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